The Department receives funding from the state through the District Culture Fund (BKF), the Berlin Cultural Education Project Fund (BPKB) and the Cultural Education Network Fund to support the district’s infrastructure and to fund individual projects by artists and cultural and educational institutions. Once a year there is an open call for projects supported by the BKF and BPKB funds. Here you will find more information and the latest news on applications, competitions and open calls from the Berlin Mitte district and from our partners Kulturförderpunkt Berlin and Creative City Berlin. The service is particularly aimed at helping those working in the independent scene in Berlin Mitte to find suitable programmes for their artistic and cultural work. The calls for projects are published between September and November for the following year. You can also make use of the mobile advisory services offered by the Project Funding Office. The available dates are announced in good time.


Diana Bach
Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1
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Tel.:  030 9018 33503