Berlin Mitte Museum

Mitte Museum – Regional History Museum of Mitte, Tiergarten & Wedding in Berlin. The Mitte Museum focuses on researching and presenting the history of the district. As a ‘local memory’, the museum collects, preserves, investigates and presents the stories of past lives in its exhibitions, archive and library holdings. The focus here is on deliberately selected close-ups of historical traces in their local context, making history concrete and vividly comprehensible. The museum considers an active involvement with historical developments a prerequisite for modern life.

Mitte Museum

Current events should in this way also be used to question the past and its effect on the present should be made tangible. In the section of the programme concerning remembrance culture, the museum is committed to central themes in the district’s history, such as the processing of National Socialism, the history of deportation and the post-colonial heritage of the Mitte district.
The new permanent exhibition in particular aims to strengthen the links between history and our present-day reality and offer residents and visitors new perspectives on the district.
In addition to the classical medium of the exhibition, the Mitte Museum also offers other ways of conveying and communicating history in order to spark interest in ‘local history’. Formats include lectures, readings, oral history projects and city explorations.


The Mitte Museum is also a point for cultural learning with an education programme for school classes and youth groups. Further offers are directed at specific target groups such as senior citizens.
Director: Nathan Friedenberg


Mitte Museum
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