Emily Hunt:
Emily Hunt, “Job Center. Aufgeladene Orte. Psychic Places” (2021) Foto: Juan Saez
“A Movement Research Center”, gestaltet von Isabel Lewis, entwickelt mit Solvej Ovesen (2021) Foto: Juan Saez.
Konstanze Schmitt,
Konstanze Schmitt, “Comizi d’Amore oder Liebe in Zeiten des Kapitalismus”, 2019, Foto: Galerie Wedding
Ana Alenso,
Ana Alenso, “Die Mine gibt, die Mine nimmt”, 2021, Foto: Tomas Eyzaguirre
Dafna Maimon,
Dafna Maimon, “Orient-Express” (2017), Foto: Joe Clark
“SOS Asssembly” (2020)

Galerie Wedding champions discursive formats and its artistic direction is led by the Danish curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen. The gallery and the programme are known above all for innovative projects with local artists from all over the world and for the inclusion of public space.

Galerie Wedding

Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst is one of Berlin Mitte’s district galleries. It is located in the highly diverse area between Müllerstraße and Leopoldplatz in a listed building belonging to expressionism. Just as the architecture of the building was part of a utopian social project at the time, the gallery on the ground floor is a place for contemporary forms of artistic expression and future models of city living. Beyond Berlin, the gallery has also made a name for itself with the exhibition programmes Post Other Wedding /POW, Unsustainable Privileges (UP) and Soft Solidarity (SOS).

As part of the town hall’s strategy for coping with the pandemic, the spaces of the gallery were temporarily converted into a social welfare office. This posed an unique challenge to the gallery. The dual use of the space was implemented in 2020; in the morning it was a social welfare office, in the afternoon, an exhibition space. This status can be read as a consequence of the exhibition space’s function as interface between local politics and social collapse on the city streets.


Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Müllerstraße 146-147
13353 Berlin

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Tue-Sat, 12am-7pm