The Department of Art, Culture and History is an important point of contact for key cultural projects and initiatives. The department advises on approval and application procedures for funding and art projects in public space, supports the public promotion of art and remembrance projects on both a regional and supra-regional scale, facilitates networking and transcultural exchange and has for years successfully coordinated cultural education work aimed at predominantly young people.



As the responsible body for its own cultural institutions, the Department of Art, Culture and History is at the same time a driving force and a networking provider for the individual districts of the rapidly changing centre of Berlin as well as for Berlin’s various district and state committees. Our cultural institutions include the Art for Youth Association Mitte (Verbund Junge Kunst Mitte), with locations at Schönwalder Straße 19 (children’s art workshop, theatre studio) and Auguststraße 21 (the Farbklang studio), as well as the municipal galleries galerie weisser elefant, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Klosterruine Berlin, Bärenzwinger and the Mitte Museum with the MuseumLab. The cultural institutions are also important cooperation partners of public and civil cultural actors such as the Youth Art School (Jugendkunstschule), cultural education associations, independent project spaces and the Kunstverein Tiergarten e.V. Together with them and many others, the institutions contribute to a lively artistic and cultural landscape in Mitte. Joint highlights include the annual local meeting, Cultural Education Day, Open Monument Day and the joint activities of the Association of Municipal Galleries Berlin (Verbund der Kommunalen Galerien Berlin).