Through the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, the state of Berlin provides the Berlin Mitte district with funds for the implementation and continuation of cultural education networks. The focus is on the implementation of jointly developed, goal-oriented cultural education projects. These projects also provide further training for the participating educators. This is offered in cooperation with education associations in the Berlin Mitte district and external partners. Also, in order to enable the long-term and sustainable effectiveness of cultural education work, these associations and their interfaces to the outside world are continuously maintained and stabilised. Funding is provided for concrete measures that pursue a holistic approach to education, in which artistic skills are strengthened and lasting cooperative relationships are established between cultural institutions, schools, day-care centres, youth leisure facilities and the district office. Artistic, cultural and media-pedagogical work should be established and anchored in all participating institutions and should accompany the educational transitions from nursery to primary school or from primary to secondary school.

For more information on education associations in Berlin Mitte, please visit the website of Kulturelle Bildungsverbünde in Berlin-Mitte


MiK Jugendkunstschule Berlin Mitte
Schönwalder Straße 19
13347 Berlin


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