Kunst am Bau “Umbau Schulstandort Berolinastraße”, “Kulisse” der Gruppe msk7, Foto: msk7

Architectural Art is artistic work connected to public architectural work (building construction and underground construction). The art can be of temporary or permanent nature. Since 1979 there have been administrative regulations concerning architectural art in the context of public architectural constructions. The state of Berlin is highly appreciative of this tradition and is aiming to further strengthen the status of architectural art and art in Public Space including their mediation, maintenance and documentation.

Unlike purely decorative additions to architecture, architectural art engages with a building and its surrounding urban environment. In addition to that, the artistic works are freely accessible to a broad public outside of museums and exhibitions.

Funding Architectural Art

The amount of funding to be made available for art is calculated according to a percentage of certain cost groups in the overall construction costs. With investments of less than one million euros, two percent or at least 3,750 euros should be available for art. For investments of over one million euros, one percent or at least 10,000 euros should be spent on art. Funds are allocated on the basis of qualified selection procedures – usually through exclusive competitions. These competitions are based on the guidelines for competition organisation published in 2013 by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development (RPW 2013).