Blick in die Ausstellung_Wer wir sind und was wir tun_ Foto-Theo Thiesmeier copyright-Mitte Museum
Blick in die Ausstellung Wer wir sind und was wir tun Foto-Theo Thiesmeier copyright Mitte Museum
Mitte Museum Lesung in der Aula
Mitte Museum Lesung in der Aula

Our awareness of history is constantly changing. It is ignited at authentic places where public perception moves with the ongoing reconstruction of the city and its inhabitants. It is the critical reflection on these processes that forms the basis for the Department of Remembrance Culture and History’s work.


The location at which Berlin was founded is located in the Mitte district. For centuries it has been the city’s and state’s political centre and is home to prominent institutions of science, culture and history. It is here where the front line of the Cold War was drawn and the German division was ended. When the Berlin districts merged in 2001, the former districts of Alt Mitte, Tiergarten and Wedding merged to form today’s Mitte district. In no other Berlin district is the historiography and remembrance culture more diverse and dynamic than in Berlin Mitte.

The Department of Remembrance Culture and History’s institutions of the Mitte Museum and the Museum Lab are dedicated to the research, collection and communication of everyday regional history. The Department of Remembrance Culture and History also participates in cross-district history projects of the state. Relevant topics of the district’s history are explored in the form of exhibitions, events, museum education projects, workshops, lectures and readings. At the heart of our work regarding remembrance culture and history is a comprehensive archive and a library for regional history. Another important part of our work is our research on street names and information boards and the development and supervision of commemorative events and memorial sites. By involving local citizens, schools and other educational institutions in the district and in cooperation with universities, specialist institutions and civil society, we contribute to the discourse on history and remembrance in Berlin Mitte.


Head of Museum Department Remembrance Culture
Nathan Friedenberg
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Museum Director Collections and Archives
Sigrid Schulze
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Kerstin Sittner-Hinz
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Communication and Public Relations
Bernd Mannhardt
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Museum education and mediation
Michael Mohr
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Liane Wilhelm
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Scientific traineeship
Felix Fuhg
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Stephan Strunz
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