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Fassadengestaltung MiK Jugendkunstschule (Detail), Foto: MiK

The MiK Youth Art School (MiK Jugendkunstschule) is an exciting facility and pioneering future lab for classical, innovative and digital creative techniques. MiK stands for: Growing up with art. Inspiring with creativity. Connecting with culture. Learning with artists.


The MiK Youth Art School

Well-equipped workshops offer musical, aesthetic and artistic education to kindergarten children, school children, teenagers and young adults up to 27 years of age. As a competent partner for the mediation of cultural diversity and artistic design, MiK offers an extensive range of pre-school, school and extracurricular art projects, courses and workshops in the Mitte district.


MiK’s programme offers a large variety of aesthetic and artistic activities: painting, ceramics, dance, performance, high-quality printing, screen printing, photography (digital and analogue), life drawing, sculpture, acting, comic-drawing workshops, fashion design, animated film production, digital image processing, media design and much more. MiK works, according to demand, in an inclusive and integrated manner or as an accompaniment to therapy at two locations: at the MiK’s main building on Schönwalder Straße and at the Farbklang studio (Atelier Farbklang) on Auguststraße. The programme “Kunst in Schulen” (Art in Schools) also facilitates the long-term work of artists in schools.
There are regular presentations and exhibitions of the works created in the projects and courses. Highlights in the annual calendar include the award ceremony of the Youth Art Award Mitte and the presentations following the artistic workshops.


MiK Jugendkunstschule
Main house
Schönwalder Straße 19
13347 Berlin

Atelier Farbklang
Auguststraße 21
10117 Berlin