Jan Köchermann,
Kunst im Stadtraum Foto: Holger Herschel

The free and public accessibility of Art in Public Space contributes to the democratic self-image of the city of Berlin and is part of a broad field of activism and awareness in the arts. In the past few decades artists have increasingly been relating to and working in public space. The city in turn uses art projects for its city marketing and to solve urban planning issues. But what is actually the current state of art in public space? What are its current manifestations? What potential do they have? And what are suitable structures, forms and methods of mediation for contemporary Art in Public Space? On this page you will find information about the realisation of cultural and artistic projects in public space in the Mitte district.

You can find a detailed description of the projects on our German-language website.


For the realisation of a temporary cultural and artistic project in public space, an application for special use must be submitted to the responsible licensing authority, the Streets and Green Spaces District Office of Berlin Mitte.

The notice of approval for the special use of public space for art objects is issued by the Streets and Green Spaces District Office. Following a technical examination of the project, the Commission for Art in Public Space (KiST) will discuss the matter and make a recommendation.

For the approval of film and photo shoots or events/performances, please contact the Streets and Green Spaces District Office directly.

The Commission for Art in Public Space (KiST) advises the district office on questions concerning art projects in public space and art in construction, as well as on questions concerning the maintenance and preservation of existing cultural assets.
Members of the KiST are representatives from the district office, the administration office and artists’ associations as well as from the independent scene and from the bbk’s Office for Art in Public Space.

The commission meets four to six times a year. The proceedings are not public. The office accepts requests and enquiries in writing and forwards them on to the commission for consultation.

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