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KuBi Projekt mit_HumboldthainGS_Fotografin Anna Falkenstein
KuBi Projekt mit Humboldthain GS Fotografin Anna Falkenstein
Education Program Summer Vacation Program 2020 Foto: Daniela Herr
Bildung_about_KBV_Projekt mit Theodor-Heuss-GS_und_TanzTheaterDialoge_2020FotografinSabethSchmidthals
KBV Projekt mit Theodor-Heuss GS und Tanz TheaterDialoge 2020 Fotografin Sabeth Schmidthals

To enable young people to develop their personality and creative potential, a suitable framework is needed. The field of cultural education shapes, supports and strengthens links in the lively cultural education network in the Mitte district. Children and young people are encouraged to actively participate in the cultural and artistic life of society, to help shape it and take responsibility for it. The aim is to make it easier for adolescents to access the diverse world of culture as early as possible and unlock their creative potential. This is materialised in the variety of artistic disciplines on offer which are connected by means of an inclusive approach. In this way, the ingrained differences based on age and heritage or between day-care centres, schools and extracurricular venues, are overcome.

The two locations of the MiK Youth Art School, as well as the programme “Kunst in Schulen” (Art in Schools), offer an artistic, musical and cultural education programme. The locations are the MiK main building on Schönwalder Straße and the Farbklang studio on Auguststraße. A wide range of programmes for day-care centres and schools as well as for children and young people up to 27 years of age is listed on the MiK website.

The municipal galleries Bärenzwinger, Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, galerie weisser elefant and Klosterruine Berlin offer a varied educational programme.

The network of cultural education associations enables long-term, sustainable and active collaboration between various actors in the fields of art, culture, youth, day care and schooling in the Mitte district and its various neighbourhoods.

The joint website of the youth, school and culture departments, Cultural Education Mitte, provides an overview of the the district institutions’ cultural education programmes, funding opportunities, concepts, committees and contact persons for cultural education in Mitte.


MiK Jugendkunstschule
Schönwalder Str. 19
13347 Berlin