Cultural education associations support and strengthen the cooperation of various actors in the fields of art, culture, youth, day care and schooling in the Mitte district and its various neighbourhoods. They champion a coordinated and sustainable approach to the cultural accompaniment of children and young people from day care to secondary school. Over the past ten years, the Department of Art, Culture and History has enabled the development of six education associations with fixed, multi-year funding from district and senate funds. The Department of Education in Arts and Culture oversees the activities of the various networks that together make up a unique part of Berlin’s cultural education landscape.



The participating offices (Youth Welfare Office, School Inspectorate, Office for Further Education and Culture and the departments of art, culture and history as well as libraries, music schools and adult education), day-care representatives, school representatives and freelance artists and cultural workers jointly develop programmes, determine standards and set up cross-institutional projects in their respective associations. These primarily include artistic and scientific programmes that build on each other, as well as agreements and activities designed to facilitate the transition from one stage of education to the next: joint presentations, parents’ evenings, parties, internships, work placements at partner institutions and joint projects by nursery, primary and secondary school children.


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Through the long-term establishment of coordinated programmes and cooperation, individual projects are avoided in favour of fixed structures. All participating institutions have cultural officers who act as contact persons in the education associations, who participate in regular meetings and who relay relevant topics, content and agreements to their own institutions. The education associations partner with and rely on the neighbourhood management, which supports cultural education work through subsidies, accompanying programmes and their work in the neighbourhood.

Since the establishment of the first cultural education network in 2010, a large number of other networks with different thematic focuses have been initiated to jointly develop new, innovative formats and programmes in the field of cultural education and to anchor them systematically in the Mitte district:

  • Cultural Education Association Pankstraße (since 2010)
  • Cultural Education Association Parkviertel (since 2011)
  • Moabit Science and Culture Education Association (since 2012)
  • Digital Media Competence Network (2017–2020)
  • Education Association of Public Art (since 2017)
  • Training Association Jobs@Opera (since 2017)


Detailed information on the individual education and training associations, cooperation partners and coordinators can be found on the website


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