Compulsory internship as part of studies

Students at a German university or university of applied sciences have the opportunity to complete their compulsory internship in the Department of Arts and Culture.

  • Cultural Administration (students majoring in Public Administration/Public Management or similar, comparable or career-appropriate fields of studies
  • Gallery and Art Education (students majoring in Art and Cultural Studies, Cultural Management, Art and Cultural Education, Media Studies)
  • Internal and External Communication (students majoring in Public Relations, Journalism, Media and Communication Studies, Communication Business and Media Design)

As the prerequisite for an internship in the Department of Art and Culture, the applicants have to be matriculated for the time of the internship, are not in a semester of leave and have to make sure that the internship is a compulsory internship. The minimum duration is 8 weeks.

In case you are interested in an internship in the Department of Art and Culture, please send us your application with the usual documents (letter of motivation, CV, certificates, a proof of the compulsory internship and a certificate of study) as well as information in what aforementioned field you would like to complete your internship and the intended duration.

Please ensure that the entire application does not exceed a total of 5 MB and a maximum of 4 attachments. Please send attachments as PDF documents only.